Lease Info

The Methodist Building (TMB) will be leasing three types of space, all within market rate range:

  • Ground Floor Store Front Space as part of an Indoor Culinary Market

We are looking for artisan food vendors who want to be a part of the creation of a vibrant indoor culinary market, showcasing the very best farm to table products that Shelby County and the rest of central and southern Indiana has to offer.

  • Traditional Office Space

We will be leasing out the 4th and 5th Floors of The Methodist Building to businesses that wish to have a presence in TMB and downtown Shelbyville and take that corner office they have always wanted, or take a large part or the entire floor of this glorious building.

  • Shared Coworking “Collaborative” Office Space

Time to move out out from the kitchen table?  Yearning to rub shoulders with other like minded entrepreneurs from a variety of disciplines?  The shared coworking space in the TMB will provide you with all the amenities of an office without the headaches, be extremely flexible for your needs and gentle on your pocketbook, and provide an instant working community with which to network and grow your business.


Please fill out the form below if you are interested in potentially leasing space in TMB and becoming a part of this exciting re-birth of this Shelbyville landmark.

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